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  • Jewel was inducted into the Blues Smithsonian (2007)

  • Awarded a Proclamation by Houston's Mayor Annise Parker

  • Awarded a Congressional acknowledgment by Shelia Jackson Lee for her contribution to the arts and being Houston’s lifelong legend (2015)

  • Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner authorized December 12, 2020 as Jewel Brown Day

JEWEL'S STORY: Winner of The LoneStar Emmy 2022

Our Story, Our History - Jewel Brown


Dale Lockett, Producer
Cristian Luna, Director Of Photography
Pacifica Sauer, Producer/Editor

Jonathan Widran

“Considering the incredible history and musical and spoken storytelling she’s brought to her to her career Renaissance these past few years, it would be enough that she was gracing us at age 84 with any sort of album. Just hearing her resonant voice, so steeped in a wealth of live experiences, would have been enough to be enamored and transfixed by, no matter how a project was presented. Yet instead of taking the easy road and applying that God-given talent to a set of standards from her generation, she works with Nic Allen to bless us with her long-overlooked gifts as a soul-stirring songwriter on Thanks for Good Ole’ Music and Memories. Every track resonates with a passion for life, a no nonsense yet sometimes playful attitude towards making sure she’s treated right (and not tolerating anything less) and a whimsical charm as a storyteller, often in conversation with the gospel-tinged male choir. Complementing these glorious, sass and soul filled originals, Jewel shares a few gems from her past that build a fascinating thru line from past to present. Lord willing, as she might say, she’ll be back doing this a long time.” – Jonathan Widran

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